Guest Post: Reprobate Salvation?

reprobate Rom 1:26-28

Following is a guest post from a very dear friend and Brother in Christ. Pastor Barry Seacrest: Senior Pastor at First Baptist Church of Seaford. Even if you think you are beyond salvation-there is hope!

I have been wrong PLENTY!!!!I WILL NOT SAY I AM RIGHT ON THE FOLLOWING: Here is what I see on the “reprobate” doctrine. Certain verses are used to say “reprobate” are those who cannot repent because they hardened themselves too hard and rejected Christ too much.

The Greek def. of “reprobate” doesn’t say this. Def. Reprobate “Unable to stand the test, rejected, refuse, worthless” …yup… that’s all of us before Christ came and cleansed us. Some are going so far as to say, “don’t witness to homosexuals because they are in the list of reprobates in Roman’s 1…” wow! Hold on Nellie!!!!

I’ll give you the passages simply and the simple truth with the passage:

1. Prov.1:23-33 If “reprobate” is a person living that can’t be saved, why does he extend an invitation in vs 23 and 33 to turn and still be changed?

2. John 12:37-41- Many of the “reprobates” described, here, bowed the knee after Christ’s death.

3. Romans 1:20-28 is a continuing, 3 chapter explanation of a reprobate. Ch 2 says none of us can judge them because we are all “reprobates” until we are saved. Ch.3:11ff says we have all gone out of the way, but we can be justified by his grace.

4. 1st Cor. 13 is addressing all Corinthians. I would hope we aren’t suggesting all of them were unsavable. If we are believing that “reprobate” just means unsaved, that would explain why Paul is still appealing to them to change. v.7- don’t appear approved…be approved, though we “be as reprobates”. If a reprobate can never repent, why are they appealed to for repentance? Wouldn’t that be dishonest to suggest to them that they can still repent?

5. 2 Tim. 3 the whole chapter draws a contrast between where Paul was and where he is now.

6. The scenario is clear in Hebrews. I would say it even strengthens the idea that every man living is capable of salvation until his last breath. Let’s not quit on any of them. Verse 6:6 says what it says. You can’t be saved twice. The blood is meant for a one time decision. Very simple. Either you are saved or not. Verse 8 says what it says, also.

Every unsaved person is rejected until the day one awakes unto salvation. Reprobate is the man who is unsaved. “Nigh” and “whose end” only explains the fate of the unsaved. It never even comes close to suggesting these people are incapable of repenting. Def. Reprobate “Unable to stand the test, rejected, refuse, worthless” ie. None of us “stand the test”. None of us are good, “no not one”. Christ is the only one who wasn’t once a “reprobate”. The Word, from the above texts, appeals to the “reprobate” to be transformed. That would simply be dishonest if it weren’t possible for a reprobate to change.

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